An illustration is a great tool to create any image that you want. All you need to start with is a blank piece of paper, an idea and a pencil.


Festival the Brave

Various artwork

MAF producties

Logo design

JD Wilkes

Gig Poster

Pure Harvest

Various artwork

Square 2017


Met beam naar Taizé

Promotion for a trip

Jezus is…

Illustration for BEAM magazine

Meester Tan


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Familie Velema

Illustrated family portrait


Whether you are looking for a new logo, artwork for your festival, a poster design or maybe even a family portrait, it always starts with an idea. As an illustrator, I like to help you with creating and producing ideas. Always trying to match the needs of my clients, but also asking the right questions to find out what you really need.

My work can be digital or hand-made, depending on what fits you as a client. I do not work with one particular style, as many illustrators do. But, my limited use of different colours and the very clear and graphic style, is always present. My work is never ”perfect” in the sense that every line is perfectly straight. But, that is what makes it more ”alive”.

Illustration is a perfect tool to realize your ideas, for it has simply no limitations. No matter what you think off, you can always draw it. It can be on paper, but I also like to draw on every other material. If you want to hire me or have any questions, please, fill out the contact form.


Interested in working together, a question or just something to say? You can always fill in the form on the right or give me a call sometime!

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